At Botmock we take the privacy and security of our user's data very seriously. We are constantly monitoring and improving our infrastructure to meet the growing demands of security. Every person and team using our service expects their data to be secure and confidential. As a rule we don't like to expose too much information about our security practices. However, we do want to share some details to help you understand our commitment.

User Data

All user data is transported securely, as all traffic is encrypted in transit via SSL. This protects the data from unauthorized modifications and man-in-the-middle attacks. We use 256-bit SSL/TLS.1.2 encryption. All sensitive information on our servers is also encrypted to maximum security.

Credit Cards

We do not store any credit card information on our servers. We have partnered with Stripe for all credit card processing. They power online transactions for thousands of businesses and comply with PCI standards.


If you have any security questions or if you believe that you have found a vulnerability please email us at

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