You can access all team related activities from the main Team menu available at the top right corner of the app:

Create a new team

Select the Create Team link from the Team menu.

Switch to a different team workspace

If you are members of multiple teams, you can see them on the Team menu (under the TEAMS section). Click any of the available Teams to switch to its workspace. In the example above, there are two team workspaces the user can switch to: arick and Tutorials.

Team profile

Select Team Profile from the main Team menu. You will see the following screen: 

Change team name and photo

You can change the Team Name and Photo from the above screen.

View all teams

Select the View All Teams link from the left side of the above screen. You will see the following Team Settings screen:

Delete a team

Select the X icon beside a team to delete that team:

Leave a team

Select the Exit icon beside a team to exit that team:

View all team members and their roles

You can view all members for the current team by clicking the main Members menu.
Or, you can see any team's members from the above View All Teams screen. To view all team members for any team, do the following:

Select the Gear icon beside a team:

You will see the screen below listing all team members and their roles for the selected team:

Invite a new team member

Enter their email address and select a role from the Role drop-down list. Click Send Invitation to invite them to join the current team.

Invite team members to a project

Once you have added a member to a team, you can give them access to a project for collaboration. To do this, click the Invite button available on both the Flow Editor or Mock Editor screens. From the pop up window, click the toggle buttons on the left to a member's name to turn invitation on/off:

Note that turning the invitation on/off on this screen doesn't affect the member's access to the Team.

Join a team

To join a team, ask the Owner of the team. They can send you an invitation to join that team.

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