While Botmock does not offer direct-to-platform deployment, what we can provide is our Developer API, that covers project and team data. With this API, you have full control over your content and the way you'd like to use it in any other platform, all exported neatly in the JSON format.

You can view Botmock developer documentation here: http://docs.botmock.com/

Our API enables you to:

  • Access list of all your projects

  • Access single project

We also offer Integrations with: 

Botmock Tokens/IDs

To find your secure Botmock Token ID, you will need to go into your dashboard. Note, that once you generate a certain ID, you will only be able to see it once before having to generate a new one. 

To find your Account Token:

  1. Go to your Account's Developer API Tab.

  2. Give your Token a Name

  3. Assign your Tokens the Proper Capabilities

  4. Click "Create" to see your Token

To access actual features around your projects, boards, and content blocks, you will need to find your Team, Project, and Board ID in your Botmock Editor. To find them:

  1. Go to your Project Editor

  2. Go to Settings (Cog Icon in the Top Right)

  3. Navigate to the API Info Tab, where you can copy and paste your IDs.

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