Here are all the message types supported in Botmock:

Please note that not all message types are available on all platforms. For example, a project for Amazon Alexa supports only two message types: User Reply and Text. 

Here's a walk-through of each message type with an example showing how or when to use them.

User Reply

You use this to show some text as if the user typed them. You can also set a delay for the next message. This is how it looks on the edit screen:

Here's how it will look on the board:

Bot Says

Similar to the User Reply message. But you use it to show a simple message from the bot. Here's how it looks on the edit screen:

Here's how it will look on the Preview screen:


You can show an image with this message. Here's how it looks on the edit screen:

Here's how it will look on the Board:


You can show some text with buttons with this message type:

Here's how it will look on the Board:

Quick Replies

This is very similar to the Button message type above and has the exact same input screen. It just renders a bit differently on the board:

You can use this message type to show some images with information and buttons. This is very suitable for showing shopping items or deals. If you have more than one image/card, they will slide automatically when Previewed. You can also specify an URL address for a button.

Here's an example of how to enter information in such a message. In this case, we want to show the user some Clothing and Accessories deals to choose from.

Here's how it will look on the Board screen:


The input form for the List message is very similar to the Carousel / Card. However, when rendered on the Preview screen, instead of showing items horizontally, a List shows them vertically. Here's how a List looks like on the board.

This message simulates activities like typing. You can also use it to show 'busy' states (i.e. the bot is searching for data). Similar to any message, you can decide how long it will show by setting a delay. There's nothing else to edit on its input screen.

In the Preview example below, we used a Text message to first show what the bot is doing and then show the Typing message while the user waits:


As the name suggests, this message shows a location map and address. Enter a valid street address and Botmock will show the location pin on an actual map. Here's the edit screen for the message:

We used a emoji/symbol on the TITLE text to make it a bit more interesting.

You can use emojis like this anywhere you can enter text. There are many articles online that show you how to do this. For example, here's an article for Windows 10 users. And another article for Mac users. Disclaimer: Botmock doesn't take any responsibility for the actions suggested in these articles.

Here's how it will look on the screen:


On some platforms like the Facebook Messenger, you can use the Webview message to pop-up a webpage form inside the bot. This is a powerful message type that allows you to create rich experience for the user and design conversation features otherwise difficult to achieve with other message types.

Here's how its settings window looks like:

You can specify a title, an image, height (full/compact) , sharing options etc. You can use programs like Sketch to create images to depict any functionality you want (i.e. book a hotel, get survey inputs). For this example, we created an image of a form that asks for some input from the user for a product search. Here's how it looks like on the Board screen:


This is a handy way to show a purchase receipt/invoice. You can show multiple products with images and details like payment type, unit price, no. of units, total charge, address, etc.

Here's a sample in the screen showing a receipt for two items:

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