We are excited to share that we have added support for Whatsapp bots to our app.

You will now to be able to use the familiar conversation designer to build amazing Whatsapp bot experiences and visualize the journey that your user would take.

Setting up your first Whatsapp bot project

From your Project dashboard, click the CREATE NEW PROJECT button to start your first Whatsapp project. You will be presented with a screen to choose your project type:

Click the CREATE NEW MOCK/CREATE NEW FLOW button. On the following screen, enter a project name and select Whatsapp as the target platform.

Voilla! You should be now able to start designing your first Whatsapp bot experience easily. For further instructions on how to work with Conversation Flow and Mock projects, check out the following articles:

Getting Started: Designing a Conversation Mock with Botmock

Getting Started: Designing a Conversation Flow with Botmock

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