With Botmock, you can easily take manual snapshots of your entire project while working on it. After creating a snapshot, you have the option to restore it into a new project, which will allow you to make comparisons and find differences with the most current version of your project. With the snapshot feature, you will never worry about losing your project data, as long as you are continuously taking snapshots at different points in your work on a certain Flow project.

Note: If you are on an Enterprise Plan, on top of saving a snapshot manually, the Botmock platform will automatically take periodic snapshots for you, which can be restored and used the same way.

Creating your own Snapshot

You can create your own snapshot while you are working on a project. Click the snapshot icon on top-left corner of our editor right next to settings. 

Click Take Snapshot button and your project is cloned which you can restore at a later date.

Keep in mind, there is a 2 minute cool-down period after you take each screenshot manually.

View Snapshots

There are two ways to view your snapshots in Botmock:

1. Click the snapshot icon on top-left corner of our editor right next to settings. Then, click View All Snapshots.

2. On Dashboard, click the settings icon on your project card. In the dropdown list, you can click on View Snapshots.

Restore a Snapshot

You can restore a snapshot from the list of snapshots taken automatically by our system or manually by you. This gives you the ability to revert back to a specific time. Once, you click Restore in View Snapshots screen, the respective snapshot is placed in your project list on dashboard as a regular project.

Note: Screenshots are retained in our system for a certain amount of time based on your pricing plan. For details on pricing plans and features, click here.

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