In Botmock, you can easily build conversational interfaces that are not just generic, but also optimized for Apple Business Chat. As with every platform supported, you can easily get started with Apple Business Chat and use multiple features/content blocks that are focused on the platform, with Usability Testing/Simulation that is designed according to the specific layout elements.

If you're looking to gain more context about the Apple Business Chatbot platform, you can read more here.

Getting Started

To get started with an Apple Business Chat Project, simply start by creating a new Flow Project and selecting the "Apple Business Chat" option from the list of platforms. After you select to create an Apple Business Chat Project, you will be sent to the normal flow editor, but the major changes will show themselves within the actual content blocks that you piece together to build up a Conversational UI.

Content Blocks - Apple Business Chat

The following are the options for the Content Blocks that help build out accurate elements for prototyping in Apple Business Chat Projects: 

Bot Says: The classic Content Block which represents text that the bot will display to communicate information to the user. Slightly modified in design to reflect Apple Business Chat

User Says: Another standard content block that will show (in Apple Business Chat design), automatically, the way it would look like if the user was to respond at a certain point in the conversational experience.

Attachment: This what image blocks are called when working on Apple Business Chat bots.

Time Picker: This is a content block specific to Apple Business Chat, which essentially allows to setup a block with event details, and then create multiple dates for a user to select.

List Picker: A content block also specific to Apple Business Chat, the list picker allows for the creation of multiple items a user can select from, and then a way to setup a "Reply Message" that can show-up from the bot side immediately when a value off the list is selected.

The rest of the available content blocks (Jump, Delay, Note, Set, API) are not specifically changed in design for Apple Business Chat, and can be used normally, as with any flow project.

Running Apple Business Chat Projects

When running an Apple Business Chat bot, the main differences come in the form of not just changes within the "Diagram" version of the flow, but also link to the "Run" tab to show what the bot would look like on an actual iPhone that has Apple Business Chat with certain content and layout elements.

Usability Testing with Apple Business Chat Projects

Usability Testing with Apple Business Chat Projects will be almost exactly like the way it would work for other Botmock Flow Projects, regardless of platform. They can all be done within the browser and customized for different testing requirements. This will allow an easy way to send a link to an Apple Business Chat Project that can be trialed and tested before being built into a full product, with the relevant design/layout elements and proper content.

You can learn more about Usability Testing here.

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