In Botmock Flow Projects, a project jump block is a way to essentially test 2 projects at once in one simulator. A jump block can be placed any activated anywhere in a project, and will toggle the content of a new project when the test reaches the point of the jump block.

Jump blocks are available in all projects using any of our supported platforms.

Adding a Jump Block

To add a Jump Block to your project, you simply add the Jump block from the modal that pops up where you can add any content blocks to a project.

After adding the block, you will be presented with one dropdown that will show any other projects in your team that are built on the same messaging platform. You can then select a project to properly connect and activate the jump block. 

Testing Using a Jump Block

Once you've setup the actual jump block into the flow itself, the next step is to see it in action in both usability testing and internal testing. 

One option is to see it in the "Run" tab, where you simply go through the steps of your bot, and once you hit the block, it should show that it's makes the switch and should start the conversational interface from the connected project.

Jump Blocks can also be utilized in Usability Testing to testers outside of your team. It will show up the same way that is does for the regular testing feature.

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