With Botmock, when you're working on a major and more complex project, you may run into the issue of comments and workflows filling up with tasks and data that may be hard to track throughout your flow. 

With notes, project editors can really emphasize more important parts of any flow, and place their notes anywhere around the flow editor.

Adding and Using a Note Block

Adding a note block to your flow is just as simple as adding any other component block to the flow editor. You simply right click and add a note. The main difference is that note blocks cannot be connected like normal content blocks. They simply hover around any part of the editor, and you can move them around independent of anything else going on in your project.

To use a note block, simply edit the block as you normally would a content block. You can also utilize comments on note blocks as well, as well as see revisions and assign users to it.


With Note Blocks, you have the opportunity to change the image of their header with a simple selection of colors that are the same as how you can color-code other content blocks as well.

Notes and Workflows

if needed, you can actually assign your notes as you would any other content block to have it inside of the Workflow board as well. From there, any editor of your team can move it around to where it needs to be in the overall content process.

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