Our powerful API enables you to create integrations with any platform of your choice. 

In this tutorial we will talk about how you can use our open-source script to export from Botmock directly into Microsoft Bot Framework/Azure Bot Services

We also have this tutorial in video form:

First off, you will need to clone the code from: https://github.com/Botmock/botmock-botframework-export

Once cloned, Clone this repository and install dependencies:

git clone git@github.com:Botmock/botmock-botframework-export.git

cd botmock-botframework-export

npm i

Next, go to the folder and you create a file called /.env 

This file will contain some important information that will help the script extract the correct project from our API and run the export on it. Open the the .env file in your editor of choice.

You will need to setup the following variables:


To start, make sure to have a LUIS AI account and find your Endpoint within the LUIS dashboard that's connected to a certain app you create. We don't have to publish the LUIS app just yet.

To get your Botmock team ID you will need to visit http://app.botmock.com and login. Once logged in click on the "Teams" dropdown in the top bar and click on "Team Profile". 

On the team profile page you will find the team ID in the URL bar:

For Botmock Project ID and Board ID, simply open the project you want to export and click on the "Settings" (cog) icon in the top toolbar. You will see a popup like this:

Under the API Info tab you will find the project id and board id values

Lastly, you will need to generate an API token for your team. This can be done by visiting your dashboard and clicking on your avatar in the top bar. In the dropdown select "Developer API" option.

Under "Create an API token" enter a descriptive name and click on "Assign All Abilities" button. Then click "Create" button. This will generate a token for your. Please make sure you copy and paste the token in a secure place. This token will not be shown again

Once you have all the information in .env  file, simply run npm start  to run the HTTP server.


Once your app is built, you should get a prompt that tells you that your app is ready to be published with LUIS AI, which is a Language Understanding System built for Microsoft Azure Bot Services

With this integration, you can do testing using the Bot Framework Emulator, which is available for free to use after installing on Github.

After getting the Emulator up, make sure you publish your LUIS AI app, and then you simply connect the emulator to the localhost server that should be linked to after you npm start . This link should look something like http://localhost:8080/messages 

After getting it connected, you should be able to start successfully testing your bot and even have logs available to catch any potential errors that may come through.

Reporting a Bug/Feedback

To report a bug with the plugin, please open a new issue on on the Github at https://github.com/Botmock/botmock-botframework-export/issues. Try to share as much as you can to help us improve the plugin!

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