With Botmock, we want to make sure we give the easiest way to show off different pauses and delays can occur around projects/flows, to accurately represent how a conversational product might be thinking and processing data in between different inputs from an end user. 

For this, we have now added the easy "Delay/Typing Indicator" block, which can be added like a normal content block and is available for all projects and platforms in Botmock.

To add it, simply go through the normal process of adding a content block by clicking on the "+" icon next to a content block. From there, you simply click on the "Delay" block to add it to your flow and connect it to the content block that you're adding from.

Once added to your flow, your Delay block is available to be edited to simply add a delay in seconds via the easy-to-use slider to control the interval. From here, Delay blocks can be color-coded, duplicated, and moved around like a normal content block in a Flow.

If you have any questions or feedback about our delay block, please feel free to email us at help@botmock.com. Happy Prototyping!

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