Currently, IBM Watson is one of the most comprehensive development platforms for conversational AI that allows for the ability to create not just intelligent chatbots, but intuitive multi-modal experiences with multiple different intelligence features with voice and more.

With the Botmock + IBM Watson Export Script, anyone has the opportunity to move their Botmock Content, Intents, Variables, and more from the core Botmock platform right into Watson to be turned into a deployable conversational experience.

With the fact that the script is open source on Github, everyone is welcome to report issues that they may find with the script and also send pull requests for certain issues as well.


node --version



  • Clone this repo by running git clone

  • Run npm install.

  • Create a .env file with the following variables (and your values filled in):

  • Run npm start.

  • Find generated JSON in ./output.

The generated .json file should look something like:

  "name": "directions",
  "intents": [
      "intent": "hi",
      "examples": [
          "text": "hi!"
          "text": "hello!"
      "created": "2019-05-31 15:40:24.000000",
      "updated": "2019-05-31 15:40:24.000000"
  "entities": [],
  "language": "en",
  "metadata": {},
  "description": "",
  "dialog_nodes": [
      "output": {
        "generic": [
            "response_type": "text",
            "values": [
                "text": "(This is the end.)"
      "title": "end",
      "next_step": {
        "behavior": "skip_user_input",
        "selector": "body",
        "dialog_node": ""
      "conditions": "anything_else",
      "parent": "8d50be9e-de4d-4870-91c4-7292ba2b4a73",
      "dialog_node": "3c8b34da-1a37-47f7-9116-5cb044048616",
      "context": {}
  "workspace_id": "",
  "counterexamples": [],
  "learning_opt_out": false,
  "status": "Non Existent",
  "created": "2019-05-29 19:06:45.000000",
  "updated": "2019-07-09 17:53:32.000000"

Importing into Watson

  • If you have preexisting Services in your Resource summary, choose them

  • Otherwise, **Create resource** and choose Watson Assistant under 'AI'

  • Find your Assistant service; then **Launch tool**

  • Choose the 'Skills' tab and **Create new**

  • Choose **Import skill**, and choose the previously generated .json file

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