In Botmock, when creating and working with intents, you may come to a point where you will need share a single or multiple intents between projects. You can accomplish this by using the Shared Intents interface, which was designed to help you easily handle all the use cases and situations where you will need to properly share intents, and manage them at scale as well.

Before you start to use Shared Intents, make sure to read the general overview of what you can do with Intents in Botmock.

Sharing Intents

When working with Shared Intents, you essentially can get all the full training phrases and variables from different projects, and it can be any project with no limitation on which platform it's from.

The way to setup shared intents in Botmock is to create a new intents, then check the checkbox at the top of the New Intent modal for the section with "Make this intent sharable with other projects". After you do this, your intent will automatically become importable in other project, and will show up in the "Managed Intents" tab at your Botmock Dashboard.

It'll look like something this

Importing Shared Intents

To use an intent that you have shared from another project, you start by hitting the "Import" button on the top right of the Intent modal. From here, you will be shown the current intents that are being shared and are accessible, plus a way to also go see and manage all the current shared intents. Hit the checkbox an intent to import it. You can also import more than one shared intent at a time in all projects.

You can also easily access the link to manage all the shared intents from this pop-up as well.

Removing Shared Intents

When disabling an intent as a shared intent from their original project, you will be prompted to "Make Intent Private". This means that your shared intent will still be in other projects, but none of the changes made to it in the original project will be applied to any other project that had it when it was "shared". 

When deleting a shared intent, you will be prompted that your shared intent will be "unlinked" from all the connectors in the main project, and that intent will no longer appear as a shared intent to import or manage.

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