When designing with Botmock, we give you a few ways to increase your velocity on creating new projects and ways to properly utilize the editor interface to help you become more efficient with content in your designs/prototypes.

In the context of this document, we do go over more advanced features that are available, so we do suggest that you read through some of the earlier help articles to become more familiar with the core features of Botmock before revisiting this one.

Managing Multiple Content Blocks

In certain situations, you may want to move, delete, or duplicate multiple content blocks at once. To do this in a Flow Project, simply Press and Hold the SHIFT key and then click on multiple content blocks to select them and use actions on them.

The video below covers what you can do with this shortcut.

Formatting Content

If you're looking to format your content in different text-based formats such as bolding, italicizing, listing and more, we now support the Markdown Formatting Language as a way to properly get your text to look more like what you may want it to be. 

In this case, the shortcuts are not so much keyboard related, but more in terms of small key additions to text that you must have for the desired results in formatting such as: 

Searching Content 

In Botmock, when working with larger projects, you may come across a few situations where you have created a fairly large project with a lot of content blocks, directions, and more, and need to be able to navigate around that project a little bit more quickly. For this, Botmock has an easy search function that can be activated both by Keyboard Shortcut, and by using an easy button on the bottom left of the Editor "Canvas" where you content blocks/connectors live.

The Keyboard Shortcut for Search is, in Mac, CMD + F, and in Windows, CTRL + F. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some other keyboard shortcuts which you can use in the editor to increase the productivity of your time.

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