In Botmock, you may come across a few situations where you will need a more dynamic solution to tackle changing the values of certain variables around a conversation flow. With the Set Variable block, this becomes possible by simply adding it as a new content block.

Getting Started

To get started with the Content Block, you will simply click on the "+" icon next to a Content Block and then look for the "Set Variable" option. This will drop the content block into your conversation flow, and from there, you can use it for different use cases such as error handling, dynamic testing, and other data manipulation options to change a value within a Flow.

It should also be mentioned that this content block is considered a "Global" content block that is available to all projects and supported platforms in Botmock.

Setting Up the Set Variables Block

With this functional content block, the setup requires having existing variables already created for you to actually change and adjust as the conversation progresses. Once you have added the block, you will be able to add as many variables to be adjusted at whichever point the Set Variables block will be added in the context of a Flow.

You will have the option of changing a Variable's values by Changing To Value, Incrementing By, Decrementing By, Multiplying By, and Dividing By. Using these are all dependent on the type of output value you would like and what the use case is for the context.

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