When it comes to voice experiences, designing an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Automation System is one of the most classic ways to get started in creating a voice-based experiences based on "set" responses and also catching user intents/phrases to help solve customer support issues.

With Botmock's IVR Support, you are able to use the flow editor, as well as have platform-specific IVR Content Blocks that can help truly design, prototype, and validate an entire IVR Conversation Experience.

Getting Started

For getting started, setting up an IVR Flow Project is just the same as setting up any other supported platform within Botmock. You start by clicking "CREATE NEW PROJECT" in your Botmock Dashboard, choose Conversation Flows, and then pick your platform as "IVR" in the list of supported platforms that appear. 

After you have created the project, you will be redirected to the Botmock Flow Editor, where you can really start the process of putting different pieces together for an IVR experience.

Content Blocks

IVR has the following content blocks supported:

Bot Says: The Bot Says Content Block is a content block that is offered for all projects, but in the case of using the IVR Platform Support, the Bot Says content that is typed in will be repeated to the user in the form of a "Voice" simulator when using the Run tab or Usability Testing.

User Reply: This content block represents a way for to properly prototype what a user might say back to the IVR when using it and automates the way a user reply is added, instead of anyone having to use the "microphone" icon and using an intent to capture a user reply.

Menu: The menu allows a "set" data set of numbers that represent a phone's keypad (0-9). The menu will also allow the option to use the "*", "+", and "#" symbols, again, to mimic what a phone's interface would most likely be for using an IVR.

In an IVR Project, Jump, Note, Set Variable, and Delay Blocks are all supported, as with every Botmock Platform-Based Project created.

Using the Menu Block in IVR

To utilize and design for the Menu Block for the IVR Platform Type, there is a bit of extra setup involved. Essentially, the Menu stands as a way to tell the platform to stop until the proper symbol is "entered" on a keypad in the form of a number or symbols (as mentioned above).

To properly setup how the Menu Block will take in a user input, you will be using the connector between content blocks immediately after the menu block to select a "message action" that includes the numbers and symbols. 

Once one of those message actions are selected, the platform will wait to receive that input from the user before proceeding to ensure that the menu's function has worked properly, as it would in a real IVR setting.

Running an IVR Project

To Run an IVR Project, it will work the same way as running any other project, where you will be able to input values either through Voice or Text to properly activate all the functions and content blocks in different sequences. 

When running an IVR Project, you will be able to see a design that is catered to be a certain type of view that allows the user or whoever is testing to understand the conversation sequence in a straightforward manner.

Usability Testing an IVR Project

As with all the platforms that Botmock supports for Conversational Interfaces, the ability to use Usability Testing is also available for IVR Projects and gives an easy way to capture data about how different users are going through a sequence of conversing with an IVR that may have multiple permutations and branches.

Learn more about Usability Testing here.

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