Within Botmock, you may come across multiple use cases where, rather, than just enabling intents to move forward in a conversation through different paths, you may want to enable intents that are able to be called from anywhere in a conversation, which can help with error handling, fallbacks, and other unique use cases.

To get setup with Global Intents, there are a few key steps: 

  1. Start by creating a connector with any content block, *starting* from the "Starting point" block. Note: Global Intents will only work between content blocks that are stemming into a path from the "Starting point" anchor point at the beginning of a conversation flow.
  2. Click on the connector and select the intent that you want to trigger this path with.
  3. Once selected you will see an option below the intent selector that reads: "Trigger this intent from any part of the conversation". Once checked, this will enable the system to respond to this intent while at any part of the conversation

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